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Stopping by Liberty of London

by Sandra Hutchinson

Continuing with my posts about some of my favorite London spots, here’s the view inside (and one of the outside) of Liberty, the landmark London department store.

First, the building itself, on Great Marlborough Street in London’s West End— an imposing Tudor revival, built in 1924, using timbers from two sailing ships. Note the weathervane.

Known particularly for its floral prints and beautiful fabrics, Liberty does not disappoint, although do be prepared for high-end, “luxury” brands and prices.

Liberty silk scarves on display.


Rooms with merchandise extend off interior “wells” with skylights at the top.



A selection of iconic cotton Liberty prints.


Buttons display. Each button is affixed to the end of a canister that contains the buttons for sale.


Hand creams in William Morris packaging, in the Strawberry Thief pattern. That’s enough to make me want to buy the box.


I’m a huge Emma Bridgewater fan. Here’s a display with a selection of her animal-themed mugs.


More Emma Bridgewater— her city-themed mugs. From left, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, London and New York.


There’s a lovely section devoted to bath products and accessories, with many types of bar soaps.


This takes me back to my childhood— a huge selection of ladies’ handkerchiefs in Liberty fabrics. And a few pincushions thrown in for good measure.


Liberty deer. Must be an English breed.


No food hall, per se, but there is a section with sweets.


Kind of speaks for itself.


I just can’t resist sharing another souvenir celebrating the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I was in London during the week of the wedding.




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