Stay-at-home report from northern New York State

By Sandra Hutchinson

I know there’s no shortage of people ruminating on the Web about being stuck at home and the various ways they are trying to cope during the Covid-19 shutdown. I am intensely grateful that I can do my work for our business from home, I don’t often have to venture into public places, and I don’t have young children at home who need help with schoolwork! Above all, I am thankful that most of my friends and family seem to be healthy and weathering the storm.

The line up on our kitchen counter. Grateful to have a can of Lysol spray.

But since we can’t physically travel, and are pretty much confined at home, I haven’t published an article on my blog since January, when I wrote about our visit to Frida Kahlo’s home in Mexico City. So even though I can’t share some wonderful destination, I can share what’s been happening in my house in northern New York State.

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Great dog-friendly walks: Moreau, South Glens Falls, Queensbury

by Sandra Hutchinson

I’m always looking for interesting places to walk our dogs that don’t involve being close to road traffic. Our younger dog, Maggie, is particularly sensitive to the low rumble of certain vehicles, like those little mail vans and the brown UPS trucks. When they pass, she turns into a whirling dervish dog, sometimes levitated, and only constrained by our firm grip on the leash attached to her harness. It’s not fun.

There are some enticing paths and byways in our region that provide a nice change to your basic around-the-neighborhood walk with your dog, and which actually welcome people with dogs. Some of them even offer dog waste bags and receptacles to encourage proper clean up and disposal. (Please remember that dogs are not allowed on the Warren County Bikeway that runs from Glens Falls to Lake George!)

Here are several of our top dog-friendly walks/hikes:

  • Moreau Lake State Park, Moreau
  • Betar Byway, South Glens Falls
  • Meadowbrook Preserve, Queensbury
  • Rush Pond Trail, Queensbury

Our family favorite? The trails at Moreau Lake State Park.

Mags and Zoe Moreau Oct. 31, 2015

Maggie and Zoe love hiking in Moreau State Park.

The park is located close to Exit 17 of the Adirondack Northway— exiting the Northway, go south on Route 9, and a few hundred yards off the Northway, turn onto Old Saratoga Road. The park entrance is about a half mile up that road, on your right. For mapping purposes: 605 Old Saratoga Road, Gansevoort, N. Y.

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