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Perspectives on the pandemic

by Sandra Hutchinson

One of the wonderful things about hosting a blog is that you have the potential to connect online with people who share your interests. Among my “blogger friends,” as I call them, is Janet Simmonds, an Oxford-educated geographer and art historian, travel consultant and writer who publishes an intelligent and well-researched blog called The Educated Traveler. She offers fascinating insight on places and experiences in Italy, throughout the Mediterranean and England. Here’s the link to her blog: www.educated-traveller.com. I urge you to check out her site. It is a joy to read and I always learn something new! Plus, her photography is stunning.

Janet splits her time between England and Italy, largely Venice. She hosts small bespoke tours in Italy, and leads writing workshops. Here’s the link to her tour site: https://www.grand-tourist.com. I’m dreaming of the possibility of participating in one of her trips.

Earlier this year, Janet reached out to me and asked whether I would contribute a piece to her blog concerning how the pandemic has affected my family in northern New York State. She graciously published my piece on The Educated Traveler and I am grateful to her for her kind comments. While admittedly, some things have improved in my neck of the woods since I wrote the piece last spring, there is still great concern about ongoing infections and the long-lasting impact of the pandemic. Please click on the link below, and comment on either my blog or Janet’s with your own perspectives, from wherever in the world you are!


Lake George, New York

3 thoughts on “Perspectives on the pandemic

  1. Hi, Sandra
    I’m trying to reply to your Blog’s recommendation of Janet Simmonds’s Blogs – but I don’t seem able to “deliver” my reply- so I have copied and will paste my response here, in the hopes that it will be able to wing its way through the Blue Yonder, and actually reach you (and/or Janet!)! With thanks and kind regards,

    (My attempted response here below:)
    Hi, Sandra
    Having been for many years a friend of Janet and her Daughter Lucy (who also wires an always-interesting blog, focussing mainly on Germany (where she is currently at University in Marburg) I can only endorse (in spades) your rave notice and recommendation of Janet’s regular Blog, which invariably provides enlightening and fascinating insights into so many aspects of European (and particularly Italian) history, culture and life. Her blogs offer a refreshing and erudite change from our normal diet of thoroughly depressing/sensationalist/irrelevant news, and I am delighted that you are able to extend Janet’s readership in such a helpful and accurate way.
    More power to both your elbows! (I mean both of the two of you, not both of your elbows!!).
    With best wishes for the continued success of both your Blogs.
    Kind regards
    John Eaton


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